Original acrylic painting on canvas

60cm x 60cm


‘Bokeh’ is the beautiful effect you can get in photography when you have an unfocussed background with reflected points of light which can be seen as circles that can magnify the colour in that area. I was trying to create this effect with my camera, lying in a sunny meadow after the rain. After a great deal of experimentation and innumerable photographs, I managed to capture some bokeh, that shone through the foreground as circles of coloured light. I was quite captivated.

I really enjoyed trying to capture the ethereal nature of that moment: it was all so fragile, with the breeze shaking the rain drops off the foliage so that my points for reflected light were disappearing fast! I’ve used acrylic paint mixed with a medium to help achieve the translucent nature of the out-of-focus trees in the background, whilst the intense pigments give the hawks Beard flowers pride of place.

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Additional information

Dimensions 60 × 60 cm