Swn y Mor

Available from Oriel Llanteglos Gallery https://orielllanteglos.co.uk

Acrylic on canvas

120cm x 100cm

Sold in white box canvas frame.


Part of the ‘Distant Horizons’ collection.

There is a little known island on the Pembrokeshire coast, called Skokholm. This magical place has a colour palette like I’ve never seen anywhere else: I only have to see this combination of colours and I am transported there. The Old Red Sandstone cliffs are a beautiful burgundy pink. They are fringed by the jade-turquoise waters of the sea below, and the vivid lime greens of the young bracken fronds above. In the summer it is an enchanting place, but in the storms it can be a treacherous piece island to navigate to. It is however, always stunningly beautiful.

I have used vibrant acrylic pigments to try to capture the colours of this amazing place. I have also used pastels and scratched into the surface to create the textures and the feel of the wind as it stirs the sea into a frenzy.

Additional information

Dimensions 140 × 100 cm

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