Original acrylic on canvas board

56cm x 29cm (62 x 36cm in frame).


Worm’s Head is a famous landmark on the Gower coastline near my home, and there are many many beautiful paintings of it. In this painting I have focussed on the powerful sky instead of the landmark: the clouds were stormy and the setting sun lit them in a glowing orange light, and silhouetted The Worm in the far distance. I loved the way the orange light changed the colours of the heathers to deep rich russets and purples. It was simply a lovely scene: hence ‘Hyfryd’, the beautiful Welsh word that describes ‘lovely’.

I have used slow-drying acrylics in this work, which has enabled me to work the colours together to achieve the smudgy, stormy effect on the clouds.

This work is sold framed.

Additional information

Dimensions 56 × 29 cm

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