When storms pass.


Acrylic on deep edge canvas.

50 x 50cm



The novelty of being able to go up to the mountains whenever I feel like it, still hasn’t worn off. This year has found me spending long periods of time just sitting, often with eyes closed, soaking it all up.

I have been moved by the sounds that surround me whilst I sit or walk under the imposing skylines of these wild landscapes. Soughing wind through the grasses and bracken; the ‘chatting’ of the stonechats or the wheatears when they warn others of my presence; the lyrical song of the skylarks; the plaintive bleat of sheep, and the whistling cries of the buzzards and kites surround me.

This piece captures that moment when storm clouds part, the wind drops, the birds start to sing again, and that wonderful silver light shines down like a spotlight onto the land.

Additional information

Dimensions 50 × 50 × 3.5 cm

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