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Bron studied art at school but decided that she needed to save the world after spending a week on Skokholm Island and seeing Life on Earth by Sir David Attenborough, and instead of going to Art College as originally planned, studied Environmental Science at Aberystwyth University. After working for nature conservation trusts for four years, Bron became a primary school teacher, where her love of the natural world and art was built into her classroom whenever she could, and she could inspire the next generation to save the world with her!

After 29 years in the profession, Bron retired and  enjoying working alongside many established artists,  to develop her skills and techniques, and  to rediscover her own creativity. In 2019, she completed two three-month training courses to formalise her art education and to become more expressive in her art. “My natural tendency is to create representational work with fine detail, but there is an abstract artist inside me fighting to get out. I am thoroughly enjoying learning to control my control freak, so I can explore more abstract art. I still have a long way to go, but I am so enjoying this journey.” 

It is the colours, patterns and textures of the environment that inspire Bron: from walking local mountains, forests, coasts, and even under the waves where she enjoys scuba diving.  This passion for the natural world is reflected in the use of bold, vibrant acrylic pigments, and a variety of bolder marks and textures to evoke a sense of place. “Sometimes you want to see an image that reminds you of a place or a moment, but at others, all you need is a combination of colours, a pattern, or a particular swipe of the palette knife, to transport you there, to feel the wind in your hair and make you smile.”

More recently, Bron has begun to use a variety of media, including oil paint, in her paintings to give another dimension and the depth of texture that evokes the ruggedness of places such as the Pembrokeshire coast, the Preseli mountains and the beautiful Brecon Beacons.

Bron has exhibited at several Contemporary Art Fairs and has work exhibited in the off The Wall Gallery in Cardiff.

Using natural calico and water-based pigments, Bron’s lamp shades are designed to add that special focal point: a splash of colour; a quirky, abstract pattern, or a way to bring the wonderful outside world into your home. Each piece is unique due to the way that fabric absorbs pigments, and these can be made to fit any colour scheme and in a wide range of shapes and sizes. A bespoke lampshade means customers can have input into the design process so that it is what they really want; it can be created in the colour way that will enhance their rooms and be that perfect, unique, finishing touch.

“The natural world never fails to make me smile and lighten my heart, and I hope that my art, be it a painting or a lamp shade, will do the same for you.”

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