About Bron

Creating art that evokes that sense of place…

I have always been inspired and awed by the wonders of the natural world. How is it, that something as simple as the unfurling of a leaf, the sunlight filtering through seawater, or the wind scudding the clouds across the sky, can stop us in our tracks?

Moments so fleeting, but no less magical for it. I walk in our beautiful Carmarthenshire landscape most days, and even on repeated routes, it’s never the same twice. Mother Nature provides incredible inspiration every day.

About Bron Jones

From Teaching to Art

This passion actually led me away from my early artistic leanings into environmental science, and working in nature conservation for four years. It didn’t take long to realise I wanted to share my love of the natural world with the next generation, which saw me becoming a primary school teacher, a job I adored, for 29 years.

Retirement 3 years ago though, has meant I’ve finally been able to combine my love of nature with art. Interestingly, my natural tendency is to create representational work with fine detail, but there is a more spontaneous, abstract artist inside me fighting to get out!

I would love to communicate the joy and wonder I feel when I see the colours; when I hear the birdsong; to convey that sense of freedom our wild land brings. And for that, I need to become more expressive, and learn to control my control freak!!

My ever evolving artistic journey

I have really enjoyed working alongside some amazing artists, and have taken a number of training courses to develop my skills and techniques. I still have a long way to go, I am what you might call a ‘work in progress’, but I am so enjoying this journey.

 I usually work on several paintings at once, often of different sizes, using vibrant acrylic pigments, and mixed-media, to create layers of colour and texture. I love glazing, scratching and sanding through the layers to expose what lies beneath: subtleties of texture and colour that add to the overall feel of the painting.

More and more I’m enjoying experimenting with marks, often with materials found on my walks, and working more intuitively without an end design in mind, bringing the spontaneity of nature into my creative process.

A sense of Place

When you look at one of my paintings, I hope you will feel the wind in your hair and hear it soughing through the trees.

Sometimes you want to see an image that reminds you of a place or a moment, but at others, all you need is a combination of colours, a pattern, or a particular swipe of the palette knife, to evoke that sense of place.

The natural world never fails to make me smile and lighten my heart, and I hope that my art will do the same for you!

Contact me, I’d love to hear from you! 

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