I have realised that it was the same places on ‘my mountain’ that kept inspiring me to paint: I am drawn back to sketch and soak up the ancient stone walls, the mining remnants and the fences that are being reclaimed by Mother Nature. I love the way they are glimpsed through the verdant greens of the mosses and the blue-greys of crusty lichens. These are ancient boundaries between times past and present; between manmade artefacts and the natural world, so ‘Liminal’ became the theme that links them.

The palette reflects my joy at being part of this landscape: with the bright acid-greens and golds reflecting the intense colours here, even in the winter. Some of my work has become a little less abstract, but the broad sweeping marks evoking the wind; the gnarly marks and scratches conveying the rocks and twisted undergrowth, and the swooping organic lines of birdsong, are still an integral part of the work.

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