Solitude searching.

Acrylic and oil on wood panel

30 x 30cm (47 x 47cm in frame)

Painting sold framed


Part of the collection: ‘Where the wind blows’.

It was an amazingly windy day when I decided to go out and do some sketching of the wonderful Welsh Fans (pronounced ‘vans’). I couldn’t keep up with the speed that the view kept changing: every time I looked up, the mountains had either been obscured by clouds, or the sun was lighting them like a spotlight, or snow had started to fall! And all the while I was trying to hold everything down so that I could paint and sketch. It was a frantic, wild and beautiful afternoon.

I’ve used layers of acrylic and then oil paints to create textures and marks that are evocative of the blustery afternoon on the mountains.

Additional information

Dimensions 47 × 47 cm

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