In the company of kites.

Watercolour and mixed media on khadi paper.

16 x16 cm

38 x 38 cm in mount and frame.

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The Liminal Collection was born out of my captivation with the places, where the remnants of times and peoples past are glimpsed through the cloak of Mother Nature. The mountains here are scattered with them: ancient burial cairns and standing stones so eroded and covered in crusted lichens that they seem to be part of the geology; old stone walls tumbling and softened by the thick cushioning of verdant mosses; even the remnants of old fence posts, decayed and sculpted with time and the elements.

The broad sweeping marks in these pieces evoke the wind that sweeps across these wild Welsh landscapes; the gnarly marks and scratches, with deep textures from the collage beneath the layers of paint, speak of the ancient rocks and twisted undergrowth;  and I love using swooping, random, organic lines, and freely dripping paint to capture the feel of birdsong, and the freedom of this beautiful wilderness.



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Dimensions 38 × 38 × 2.5 cm

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