Kingdom of Dippers


Acrylic and oil on wood panel

30cm x 30cm

This painting float mounted and framed (45cm x 45cm)


From the collection: ‘Where the wind blows’.

This is one of two late additions to this collection. I was lucky enough to visit Derbyshire in the early spring and spent a day sitting on the banks of the River Dovedale. It wasn’t the most glorious of days, but it was a magical visit. I sat on the riverbank with the wind gently soughing through the trees, and watched Dippers bobbing in the babbling waters. Every now and then, the sun would shine through the trees and cast the most intense shadows on the river.

This piece is created using layer upon layer of acrylic pigment to create textures, worked on with oil paints and an oil glaze.


Additional information

Dimensions 45 × 45 cm

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