In search of colour

Have you noticed that the huge majority of lampshades available on the high street are plain; beige; cream; bland? Hundreds and hundreds of bland, amorphous lampshades.

I’ve been in and out of quite a few retail outlets recently, and I was amazed at the difficulty I had in finding anything individual; different; bright or colourful.

A lampshade to add that splash of colour; the accent; that little piece of individuality; the thing that made the room mine, and no one else’s.

Decorating your home

Browsing home décor stores is great fun: they offer so many options for paints, wallpapers, furniture, textiles and even what to put on your shelves.

There are huge lighting departments where you can get all manner of lamps, lights and bulbs. Many have beautifully designed lamp stands, made in a variety of materials, patterns and colours. They make lovely accents to your room.

But what if you want the accent colours and the pattern to be on the lampshade and not the lamp stand? That’s where the difficulties begin.

So what’s the answer?

Decorating a room is very personal: your home reflects who you are, your passions and aspirations. So why have the final designs you use dictated by what is available, why not have exactly what you want designed for you?

At ‘Bron Jones Art’ I create hand painted lampshades in a range of sizes and shapes that will make the perfect finishing touch to your home.

Whilst I have a range of designs in stock on my on-line shop, my speciality is creating bespoke designs for my customers.

Bespoke designs just for you

By getting to know you through e mails, on the phone (you decide) and by using your favourite textiles, images, objects, plants, whatever you like; I can create the designs you really want.

Using photographs, wallpaper samples and fabric swatches, I can match the colour ways to your room, so that the finished lamp shade is the unique and individual statement piece for your room.

Designs are drawn up on paper before being painted onto calico and mounted onto the lamp shade frame.

Why have an ordinary lampshade, when you can have a unique, original statement piece, that makes your room yours, and only yours?

How to banish bland

Browse the lampshades and designs I have in stock on the website and see if they inspire your imagination.

Get in touch with me at Bron Jones Art on , or using and I will create the design that will bring colour and heart to your home.

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