Wild is the music of the wind.

Acrylic and oil on wood panel

40 x 40cm (57 x 57cm in frame)

Painting sold framed


Part of the collection: ‘Where the wind blows’.

Working outdoors, making sketches and paintings, puts you at the mercy of the elements. You set out your kit, start to sketch the amazing mountains, and the wind sweeps in, threatening to scatter all your work across the countryside. You look up, and view has been obscured by the clouds! The light changes, shadows move and change colour. Suddenly, the clouds move again, and the hillsides are spotlit by a shaft of sunlight. Then there’s a sudden squall of snow. And all the while, the wind sings as it sweeps through the moorland grasses and across the hillsides. Wild and beautiful.

I’ve used lots of different marks and layers of paint to evoke the feeling of the turbulent winds and weather.

Additional information

Dimensions 57 × 57 cm

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