Let your spirit fly.


Available from Oriel Llanteglos Gallery https://orielllanteglos.co.uk

Acrylic and oil on wood panel

30 x 30cm (47 x 47cm in frame)

Painting sold framed.


Part of the ‘Where the wind blows’ collection.

Walking in the Cotswolds this winter, I was struck by the way a cut corn field lit up the landscape when the sun broke through the clouds. The sky was overcast, the wind was blowing and it was cold. But when the sun shone on the cut stalks, it was like someone had flicked a light switch on in the field and suddenly the palette became golden. What a magical transformation. It lifted my spirit and made me smile.

I’ve used acrylic and oil paints in this piece- layered and scratched into, to create that spiky texture of the corn stubble.

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Dimensions 47 × 47 cm

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