Cawdor beauty

Original acrylic painting on canvas

100cm x 100cm



This painting emerged from experiments with fluid acrylics which I allowed to run and merge. All of a sudden I could see the forests of the old Cawdor Estate in Golden Grove where I live. The colours spoke of cold sunsets, so a winter’s evening was born. The hedgerows here in the winter become beautifully edged in frost, and I really enjoyed trying to capture the tangled frostiness of the foliage, with the splashes of colour of the late-autumn leaves and berries. From our house, we look down over the forests, and are often lucky enough to see deer moving silently among the trees. The stags are the most elusive: one minute they are there, and then they are gone, a little like the ‘beauty’ in my painting.

Additional information

Dimensions 100 × 100 cm

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