Wind Tousled

Acrylic on canvas

100cm x 50cm

Sold in white box canvas frame.


Part of the ‘Distant Horizons’ collection.

A feature of living in the Welsh hills, is the wind. We rarely have a day when there isn’t any wind at all, but we often have days when it feels like it is trying to blow you over. Sometimes it feels like it’s teasing you as you lean into the wind, and then all of a sudden it changes direction and you are left stumbling. The sky at times like these changes from second to second. Clouds are blown about, so that at one moment you can see the far horizon, but the next it is as if it was never there. And then suddenly, the clouds are blown apart and the sun shines through like a spotlight. Walks on days like these will always leave you wind tousled.

I have used layers of acrylic pigment and glazes to create the shifting thickness of the clouds. I have also marked in to the paint to evoke the sense of the wind gusting across the landscape.

Additional information

Dimensions 100 × 50 cm

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